Taking a flying car to work, Flying Taxi

As an office worker, squeezing public transport at rush hour can be a headache. When the car packed too packed, when you were “caught attacking” multiple people breathless, is it also had hoped that if the commuter car can be neat and quiet, comfortable and comfortable it? Recently, at an exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, the railroad company […]


What is a Video processing Unit and Deep Learning using VPU.

What is Video Processing Unit? As we enter into the Internet of Thing era, all device is connected and to get used to visionary sense, embedded Vision is gaining more and more popular. Drone, ATM as well as your smartphone, the camera can do more than just video recording and photo taking. They can do […]


5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

Good sharing of smart contract benefit the user from To find out more about the smart contract, read the secret why expert use smart contract   5 benefits of a smart contract to remember: Autonomy – You can create a smart contract without the need to walk yourself to law chamber or a contract […]


Two areas where robot beat human you must know

No emotion in trading One of the most important advantages of employing robot is to avoid expensive finance mistakes. It has been documented repeatedly over that one in all the most important reasons investors get poor out comes is because of their behaviour. Investors build emotional choices at market highs and market lows and supported gut feelings. Software package doesn’t build these types of mistakes. The robot will follow the exact rules that given and their execution is precise […]


Advent of Virtual Reality in Theaters

At the point when the legends of opera were evolving their works, it is improbable they at any point visualized a period when unpredictable sets formed by man’s hand would be supplanted with virtual reality. Yet, that is exactly what the Wales National Opera is doing this late spring. The organization’s two virtual reality are […]


Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!

Background of the importance of transparent supply chain management 3 minutes video below showing some reason why blockchain is being used by Walmart. It showing Walmart vision on their future supply chain management using IBM solution.   As you already know that Walmart is working hard on a project to onboarding blockchain technology into their supply […]