How artificial intelligence (AI) software helped find the link between these playing cards and insider trading

SAN FRANCISCO, CNN said on the morning of the 28th, March 2017, several trading nights in 2013, trading executives from several major investment banks came together to play cards, apparently to be temporarily relieved from the busy work. But beneath these seemingly innocent hands, the hidden story is the insider trading between several rogue traders. […]


Ping Pong Coach “Forpheus” in training world class player

Ping Pong Robot October 2, a brother of Japan’s Pingtan, Rio Olympic men’s bronze medalist Mizutani falcon invited and the latest generation of ping-pong robots over trick. The robot named Forpheus was launched in 2012 and was officially recognized as the world’s first table tennis coach robot by the Guinness Book of Records in 2016. […]


How Alipay solve trust problem in C2C business?

How Alipay started From Alibaba group, at the beginning of the establishment of Taobao, the team was full of agility and quickness. Everyone worked hard and energetically. The entire website was also very active. Many users posted on the forums and the user consultation business was also very enthusiastic. However, there was no transaction, among […]


Two areas where robot beat human you must know

No emotion in trading One of the most important advantages of employing robot is to avoid expensive finance mistakes. It has been documented repeatedly over that one in all the most important reasons investors get poor out comes is because of their behaviour. Investors build emotional choices at market highs and market lows and supported gut feelings. Software package doesn’t build these types of mistakes. The robot will follow the exact rules that given and their execution is precise […]


Advent of Virtual Reality in Theaters

At the point when the legends of opera were evolving their works, it is improbable they at any point visualized a period when unpredictable sets formed by man’s hand would be supplanted with virtual reality. Yet, that is exactly what the Wales National Opera is doing this late spring. The organization’s two virtual reality are […]


8 facts about Bitcoin that de-intermediary the Banking system

Blockchain allows for the security management of a shared ledger, where transaction verified and store on a network without governing central authority. Blockchains can come in different configurations, ranging from public, open-source networks to private blockchains that require explicit permission to read or write. Computer science and advanced mathematics (in the form of cryptographic hash […]