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What is Kickstarter?

What is Kickstarter?


What is Kickstarter?

When you are diving on the Internet new ideas or products, some of the projects fully sponsored by a digital crowdfunding platform “Kickstarter” backer. We show you what Kickstarter can do, how the service works exactly and how you can benefit from Kickstarter.

Kickstarter – what is it?

Kickstarter is an innovative web platform, where it acts as an intermediary to match any startup idea with a potential backer. Backers are the investor who finds themselves interested in the startup project and wishes to participate to “kick off!” the project together with the project owner by a sum of investment. In Crowd funding, a company or a person is working for his business idea to get money for the financing.

Kickstarter itself has little to do with the ideas. Kickstarter.com provides only the platform on which crowdfunding can be carried out by everyone. It is a kind of social network.
In the past many great ideas have already been funded by kick-starters.

For example, if you want to produce a movie, program an app or realize a different idea and you still need the right small money, you are just right on Kickstarter.

  1. First, create an account on Kickstarter.com. Then post a kind of ad. The project briefly describes the financing objective. That can be a few to millions of dollars depending on the issue.
  2. Then select 30 days, for example, and start your ad. Now it is necessary to make the advertisement known in social networks. Only if your idea is excellent, you spread by yourself.
  3. If people like your idea, these self-chosen amounts can pay to you. At the Stromberg film a payment of a certain amount was rewarded with a supporting role. Also, all supporters were given their money and the percentage wins back.
  4. Such a model, however, is rather unusual. Often the backer pays a little more money for the final product, but they ensure the realization of the project. A certain bonus for backer as an incentive in any case as a token of appreciation for their initial backer to kick off the project.

Kickstarter and Amazon Payments collect a total of around 10 percent of revenues. For example, if you accumulate 10,000 dollars, you will have only 9,000 dollars left for you. If the desired sum does not come together, the money goes back to the backer.

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