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Ping Pong Coach “Forpheus” in training world class player

Ping Pong Robot October 2, a brother of Japan’s Pingtan, Rio Olympic men’s bronze medalist Mizutani falcon invited and the latest generation of ping-pong robots over trick. The robot named Forpheus was launched in 2012 and was officially recognized as the world’s first table tennis coach robot by the Guinness Book of Records in 2016. […]

What is a Video processing Unit and Deep Learning using VPU.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in fintech

Artificial intelligence and machine learning trend in fin-tech. Technology has always been a tool to help to solve the same problem with the innovative solution and with better efficiency. In the year 2016, we got seen the expansion and trend of big data analytic, deep learning and machine learning. Consumer product such as Artificial Intelligent business analytic […]

5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

The future of Machine learning in fintech

“The future of Machine learning in fin-tech” usiness and other side are gradually understanding the importance and benefits of machine-learning technology. The computer can learn and access more data today than ever before. And with the increase of solution-finding apps that help consumers find patterns in their habits, businesses, and start-ups, the barrier are now […]