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8 facts about Bitcoin that de-intermediary the Banking system

Blockchain allows for the security management of a shared ledger, where transaction verified and store on a network without governing central authority. Blockchains can come in different configurations, ranging from public, open-source networks to private blockchains that require explicit permission to read or write. Computer science and advanced mathematics (in the form of cryptographic hash […]

What is bitcoin and what others says.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital payment system. This invention was created by an unknown programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. The history of Bitcoin started when Bitcoin released to the open market in 2009. Besides act as a payment system, Bitcoin can be used as a peer to peer payment system. These users can transaction directly without intermediary payment […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!

Are Bitcoins Legal?

Have you heard about blockchain and its features related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? If no, this is very strange. The legal status of Bitcoins varies from region to region and country to country. In a country like India, there are multiple statements regarding the legality of the bitcoins. From mid-2013, reserve bank of India had […]

Cryptocurrency in the Indian market

Blockchain:  The blockchain technology has been enabled the future of the financial Institutions. This technology has marketed up its worth in the current world and also this technology is accepted all over the world in the field of financial institutions. Also, the blockchain technology is run on a large-scale in the fields of mining and […]