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Ping Pong Coach “Forpheus” in training world class player

Ping Pong Coach “Forpheus” in training world class player


Ping Pong Robot

October 2, a brother of Japan’s Pingtan, Rio Olympic men’s bronze medalist Mizutani falcon invited and the latest generation of ping-pong robots over trick. The robot named Forpheus was launched in 2012 and was officially recognized as the world’s first table tennis coach robot by the Guinness Book of Records in 2016. The first move, Mizutani falcon and “Forpheus” more than 30 rounds of war, he does not rule out the robot one day take home as his sparring.

Forpheus predicts the ping-pong flight trajectory with sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), which can strike with such a master of Mizutani falcon, showing extraordinary strength. However, judging from its size and R & D cost, it takes a long time to replace the true table tennis coach estimation. Instead, ABS table tennis quickly replaced traditional celluloid and new material balls based on acetate because of its “good looks.”


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