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Qapital saving apps: Save loose Changes

Qapital: Save small, live Large!   That is their tagline: Saving can be tough but come to this apps. Qapital (click for visit about us Qapital), a company that has innovated a new way of “saving while spending”. Their Chief Behavior Economist, Dan Ariely, talk about how money and opportunity cost. More on Qapital The video below […]

5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

The relation between artificial intelligence and fin-tech

The relation between artificial intelligence and fin-tech. Artificial intelligence trend has been surging up as the hot topic in the recent year. Furthermore, the speed is so fast that can describe as “what was yesterday’s hot topic quickly become tomorrow recent news?” There is a surge in search of “Artificial Intelligence” in Singapore google as shown May 2017 […]

Taking a flying car to work, Flying Taxi

Five type of Robot that you should know

Robotics is an engineering subject that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and others. It’s a programmable device. Now, I am going to discuss with you the 5 types of robotics 1. Stationary  Robots The stationary Robots is a robot which works without changing their position. “stationary”   means is the base of the robot […]

PETChatz let your pets communicate with you

Wechatpay and tenscent

While Germans still mainly deal with old-fashioned paper Euro dollar and coin. Millions of Chinese tourists travel to Germany has demanded the merchandise to support their standard payment method back their homeland – E-wallet. More and more shops prefer to pay by mobile phone.   Munich, capital and the most populated city in Germany, the […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!

Bitcoin VS Ethereum

ince it was invented in early 2009, Bitcoin has been the trailblazing leader of the cryptocurrency revolution. Incalculable imitators have come back and gone however Bitcoin remains dominant, despite nearing the present limits of its transactional capability. Whereas Ethereum, created mid-2015, is Bitcoin’s strongest rival… However, will Ethereum deliver on the publicity close its sophisticated technology as Ethereum is Bitcoin version 2? Bitcoin VS Ethereum: competitive The following user situations serve as an […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!


One of the most significant advantages of employing a robot authority is to avoid expensive finance mistakes. It’s been repeatedly documented over that one in all the primary reasons investors get poor out comes is because of their discretionary judgment or human emotion. Investors build emotional choices at market highs and market lows and supported gut feelings. Software package programmed in the robot doesn’t make these types of mistakes. All logic is rule based and appropriately coded based on a set of predefined requirement. Robot […]

PETChatz let your pets communicate with you