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Are Bitcoins Legal?

Have you heard about blockchain and its features related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? If no, this is very strange. The legal status of Bitcoins varies from region to region and country to country. In a country like India, there are multiple statements regarding the legality of the bitcoins. From mid-2013, reserve bank of India had […]

Cryptocurrency in the Indian market

Blockchain:  The blockchain technology has been enabled the future of the financial Institutions. This technology has marketed up its worth in the current world and also this technology is accepted all over the world in the field of financial institutions. Also, the blockchain technology is run on a large-scale in the fields of mining and […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in fintech

Artificial intelligence and machine learning trend in fin-tech. Technology has always been a tool to help to solve the same problem with the innovative solution and with better efficiency. In the year 2016, we got seen the expansion and trend of big data analytic, deep learning and machine learning. Consumer product such as Artificial Intelligent business analytic […]

How Alipay solve trust problem in C2C business?