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Cryptocurrency in the Indian market

Blockchain:  The blockchain technology has been enabled the future of the financial Institutions. This technology has marketed up its worth in the current world and also this technology is accepted all over the world in the field of financial institutions. Also, the blockchain technology is run on a large-scale in the fields of mining and […]

Blockchain technology: applications, uses, and limitations

The records of transactions and contracts are among the shaping structure in our economic, legal and political systems. They defend the capital and set structure boundaries. They administrate interactions among nations, organizations, communities, and people. They guide managerial and social policy. And yet these important tools and also the management formed to manage them haven’t […]

Wechatpay and tenscent

While Germans still mainly deal with old-fashioned paper Euro dollar and coin. Millions of Chinese tourists travel to Germany has demanded the merchandise to support their standard payment method back their homeland – E-wallet. More and more shops prefer to pay by mobile phone.   Munich, capital and the most populated city in Germany, the […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!

Bitcoin VS Ethereum

ince it was invented in early 2009, Bitcoin has been the trailblazing leader of the cryptocurrency revolution. Incalculable imitators have come back and gone however Bitcoin remains dominant, despite nearing the present limits of its transactional capability. Whereas Ethereum, created mid-2015, is Bitcoin’s strongest rival… However, will Ethereum deliver on the publicity close its sophisticated technology as Ethereum is Bitcoin version 2? Bitcoin VS Ethereum: competitive The following user situations serve as an […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!