Category of fin-tech

Category of fin-tech

Category of fin-tech


From my experience  I can say that there are a bunch of business verticals that can be called as “types” of Fintechs.

* To name a few:

 Wealth management;

These are typical wealth mgmt service providers. Investment Management, Money Management, etc. are some of the sub-categories in this.

Some way of  Finance:

These majorly include marketplace lending platforms or even crowd funding platforms.


Support trading of all types of investment instruments such as equities, bonds, loans, foreign exchange, options, futures, indexes and many other instruments for institutional clients such as corporations, asset managers, hedge funds and government entities.

The technology needs of these institutions run from pricing and trading applications, risk management, client management, through trade processing and settlement capabilities, to the real-time execution of trades across domestic and international exchanges.

Technology  firms:

Some components built by these firms as companies look to standardize and commoditize their platforms. Also, they provide the kind of specialization and time to market required in today’s fast moving environment.


Increasing number of startups who are looking to disrupt and innovate across the spect industry um of FinTech. Here we see companies focusing on all aspects of the with their business.


Patrick Goh Mr. Patrick Goh B.S is a research engineer with more than 10 years in industry of IT, Engineering and Financial market experience. In 2013, he joined financial institute’s research team as R&D software engineer mainly researching on technical analysis, inter-market correlation and fundamental factor in leveraged trading instrument using machine learning technique and programming algorithmic trading strategy by quantifying trader sentiment behind the price movement.


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