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What is bitcoin and what others says.

What is bitcoin and what others says.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital payment system. This invention was created by an unknown programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. The history of Bitcoin started when Bitcoin released to the open market in 2009. Besides act as a payment system, Bitcoin can be used as a peer to peer payment system. These users can transaction directly without intermediary payment gateway. Those transactions are verified by network nodes and all the transactions are being recorded in public distributed called block chain. One more thing that, Bitcoin is the first digital currency. Others available digital currency today are Ethereum, Ripple coin and others that you can find its market cap on this link. As you can see from the screenshot below, Bitcoin market cap is at USD 68Billion as today.

Bitcoin market cap on Sep 2017

What others said

Many famous people also commented on it and they personally like this online payment system Bitcoin.



I’m a big fan of Bitcoin… Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized.

(Commented by Al Gore – Former US vice president and winner of Nobel Peace prize)


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