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Mr. Patrick Goh B.S is a research engineer with more than 10 years in industry of IT, Engineering and Financial market experience. In 2013, he joined financial institute’s research team as R&D software engineer mainly researching on technical analysis, inter-market correlation and fundamental factor in leveraged trading instrument using machine learning technique and programming algorithmic trading strategy by quantifying trader sentiment behind the price movement.

What is a Video processing Unit and Deep Learning using VPU.

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat is Video Processing Unit? As we enter into the Internet of Thing era, all device is connected and to get used to visionary sense, embedded Vision is gaining more and more popular. Drone, ATM as well as your smartphone, the camera can do more than just video recording and photo taking. They can do […]

What is the future plan on KuCoin platform?

Reading Time: 2 minutesToday I come across this coin trading platform while I am trying to buy some coin to trade. Check the KuCoin platform here The following is some check which I found KuCoin is quite standard. It is similar to Binance.   I notice it has an awesome security feature. Two – factor google authentication seems to […]

Ethereum ERC 721 vs ERC 20

Reading Time: 3 minutesERC – 721, a new standard for ethereum and startup use this standard to manufacture digital collectable kitties or pets for sale in the marketplace. Have you wondered why crypto pets such as #cryptokitties are collectable and are unique while there is no difference between your ethereum coin and my ethereum coin? What is ERC: Non-fungible […]

Taking a flying car to work, Flying Taxi

Reading Time: 7 minutesAs an office worker, squeezing public transport at rush hour can be a headache. When the car packed too packed, when you were “caught attacking” multiple people breathless, is it also had hoped that if the commuter car can be neat and quiet, comfortable and comfortable it? Recently, at an exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, the railroad company […]

How Alipay solve trust problem in C2C business?

Reading Time: 4 minutesHow Alipay started From Alibaba group, at the beginning of the establishment of Taobao, the team was full of agility and quickness. Everyone worked hard and energetically. The entire website was also very active. Many users posted on the forums and the user consultation business was also very enthusiastic. However, there was no transaction, among […]

Ping Pong Coach “Forpheus” in training world class player

Reading Time: 1 minutePing Pong Robot October 2, a brother of Japan’s Pingtan, Rio Olympic men’s bronze medalist Mizutani falcon invited and the latest generation of ping-pong robots over trick. The robot named Forpheus was launched in 2012 and was officially recognized as the world’s first table tennis coach robot by the Guinness Book of Records in 2016. […]

How artificial intelligence (AI) software helped find the link between these playing cards and insider trading

Reading Time: 3 minutesSAN FRANCISCO, CNN said on the morning of the 28th, March 2017, several trading nights in 2013, trading executives from several major investment banks came together to play cards, apparently to be temporarily relieved from the busy work. But beneath these seemingly innocent hands, the hidden story is the insider trading between several rogue traders. […]

PETChatz let your pets communicate with you

Reading Time: 1 minuteWOW, your pets can call you! how amazing is that, it is like the sci-fy movie where pets can talk! Now, you have a chance to lets your pet call you on your cell phone. No matter where you are, your pet can be a call away. You probably want to get this for your pets […]

8 facts about Bitcoin that de-intermediary the Banking system

Reading Time: 1 minuteBlockchain allows for the security management of a shared ledger, where transaction verified and store on a network without governing central authority. Blockchains can come in different configurations, ranging from public, open-source networks to private blockchains that require explicit permission to read or write. Computer science and advanced mathematics (in the form of cryptographic hash […]

Who is Alibaba

Reading Time: 3 minutesAlibaba founded in the year 1999 by Jack Ma (Ma Yun), a Chinese business magnate. Alibaba is a group of internet-based business. At first, I thought Alibaba is just an online e-commerce platform. But I am wrong after I find out more about Alibaba. I believe, if a person has the visual and want to […]