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5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

Reading Time: 2 minutesGood sharing of smart contract benefit the user from blockgeeks.com. To find out more about the smart contract, read the secret why expert use smart contract   5 benefits of a smart contract to remember: Autonomy – You can create a smart contract without the need to walk yourself to law chamber or a contract […]

Read the secret why expert use smart contract

Read the secret why expert use smart contract

Reading Time: 4 minutesBackground of article The word ” smart contract ” has become a hot topic for everyone talking about “blockchain.” But do you really understand how it works? How is it used in the real world? The principle of “smart contract” is explained in plain English, in a sentence: when the set terms are triggered, the […]

Ethereum ERC 721 vs ERC 20

Reading Time: 3 minutesERC – 721, a new standard for ethereum and startup use this standard to manufacture digital collectable kitties or pets for sale in the marketplace. Have you wondered why crypto pets such as #cryptokitties are collectable and are unique while there is no difference between your ethereum coin and my ethereum coin? What is ERC: Non-fungible […]

Diamond ring traced by blockchain? IBM solution can do that!

How Alipay solve trust problem in C2C business?

Reading Time: 4 minutesHow Alipay started From Alibaba group, at the beginning of the establishment of Taobao, the team was full of agility and quickness. Everyone worked hard and energetically. The entire website was also very active. Many users posted on the forums and the user consultation business was also very enthusiastic. However, there was no transaction, among […]

5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

Qapital saving apps: Save loose Changes

Reading Time: 1 minuteQapital: Save small, live Large!   That is their tagline: Saving can be tough but come to this apps. Qapital (click for visit about us Qapital), a company that has innovated a new way of “saving while spending”. Their Chief Behavior Economist, Dan Ariely, talk about how money and opportunity cost. More on Qapital The video below […]

5 benefits of using a Smart contract and now you can use them too

Fintech bring more good or bad to Banks?

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you ever use the smart tag or RFID card in your daily life? Imagine today the world without these smart gadget, and how dull is our life? No candy crush, no iwatch, and farmer have to harvest the farm using harvesting knife. And worst still, we are still using those system Barter which exists few […]

Are Bitcoins Legal?

Reading Time: 2 minutesHave you heard about blockchain and its features related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? If no, this is very strange. The legal status of Bitcoins varies from region to region and country to country. In a country like India, there are multiple statements regarding the legality of the bitcoins. From mid-2013, reserve bank of India had […]

Cryptocurrency in the Indian market

Reading Time: 2 minutesBlockchain:  The blockchain technology has been enabled the future of the financial Institutions. This technology has marketed up its worth in the current world and also this technology is accepted all over the world in the field of financial institutions. Also, the blockchain technology is run on a large-scale in the fields of mining and […]